Séminaire ACERT
Activités créatives et renouveau des territoires. ACERT
15 May 2015
 The purpose of the trimestrial seminar planned in this project is to proceed to a critical assessment of the various experiences of development of creative activities, more or less linked with the cultural heritage in isolated territories. The seminar should be a place of exchanges between research workers and managers, private or public, national or international, of development policies. This should boost the organisation of scientific events as well as answers to calls on the topic of the project.
The works achieved by the group should lead to a better knowledge of the conditions set to the valorization of heritages of isolated territories , be they cultural, social, demographic or economic.
The objective will not so much be to establish typologies than to specify the key issues that could help to substantiate the notion of creative economy in these cases.
The seminar will do its best to take advantage of the information and communication technologies in organizing visio conferences, in maintaining on its website an Observatory on the theme of the project and in seing to it that its publications be in open access.
Key words: creative economy, heritage, internationalization, isolated territories
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